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My Text Tools are a powerful suite of browser-based text manipulation tools to easily perform specialized text manipulation tasks that are impossible using traditional text editors. To your left* are the tool menu buttons, directly above is the "working-text" field where text manipulation occurs and right* are the working-text field's controls. After clicking a tool's menu button, the tool's controls will load into this area below the working-text field. Instruction and examples can be found at the bottom of each tool's controls but most tools are self explanatory. Working of text often requires use of multiple tools, so for your convenience the working-text will pass between tool pages without the need to reload. Below is a list of available tools with a short description to help determine what tool(s) will meet your needs. *NOTE: Small screen devices will need to open menu/control columns via the "Open tool menu" and "Open text controls" buttons, located page bottom.
Privacy of Data: Tools are built-with and functions-in Client Side JavaScripting and HTML5. No server calls are made during the use of these tools.

Log Files: This website's webserver records log files. The information inside the log files includes: ip address, date/time stamp, referring page and user agent.

Cookies: This website does not use browser cookies but does use local web storage to pass data between text tools. This website's statistical service will load a third party browser cookie.

Disclaimer: Tools provided as-is, without warranty of any kind and used at your own risk.

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