Pad numbers.  

Tool: Random number generator.

Purpose: Generate random numbers from a selected low/high range with prefix/suffix/joining options.
Instructions: Enter range at "Low number" and "High number" fields. To apply a prefix and/or suffix to number, enter text into the "Prefix number with" and/or "Suffix number with" text boxes. Enter number in "How many numbers" field for quantity generated. Enter text to divide numbers in "Join numbers with" text box. Leave blank for line breaks. Click "Generate random list" button. Checking "Pad number" will equalize number length by applying 0's into the number's left side. (i.e. 001...010...100)

To generate a list of 10 random numbers ranging from 1 to 100 with each number double quoted and comma separated.

Enter 1 into "Low number" field and 100 into "High number" field. Enter " into "Prefix number with" field and " into "Suffix number with" field and click "Generate numbered list" button to generate: Enter , into "Join numbers with" field and click "Generate random numbers" button to produce: