Pad numbers.  
Skip loading output into working-text box and save directly to local. Use this feature to prevent browser lock-up when generating large lists.

Tool: Numbered list generator.

Purpose: Generate a sequentially numbered, line break delimited list for further completion.
Instructions: Enter range at "Start count at" and "End count at" fields. To apply a prefix and/or suffix to number, enter text into the "Prefix number with" and/or "Suffix number with" fields. Click "Generate numbered list" button. Checking "Pad number" will equalize number length by applying 0's into the number's left side. (i.e. 001...010...100)

To generate a numbered list from #1. to #100.

Enter 1 into "Start count at" field and 100 into "End count at" field. Enter # into "Prefix number with" field and . into "Suffix number with" field and click "Generate numbered list" button to generate: